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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Join us at the Contributor Summit in Shanghai

Author: Josh Berkus (Red Hat)

Picture of contributor panel at 2018 Shanghai contributor summit.  Photo by Josh Berkus, licensed CC-BY 4.0

For the second year, we will have a Contributor Summit event the day before KubeCon China in Shanghai. If you already contribute to Kubernetes or would like to contribute, please consider attending and register. The Summit will be held June 24th, at the Shanghai Expo Center (the same location where KubeCon will take place), and will include a Current Contributor Day as well as the New Contributor Workshop and the Documentation Sprints.

Current Contributor Day

After last year’s Contributor Day, our team received feedback that many of our contributors in Asia and Oceania would like content for current contributors as well. As such, we have added a Current Contributor track to the schedule.

While we do not yet have a full schedule up, the topics covered in the current contributor track will include:

  • How to write a KEP (Kubernetes Enhancement Proposal)
  • Codebase and repository review
  • Local Build & Test troubleshooting session
  • Guide to Non-Code Contribution opportunities
  • SIG-Azure face-to-face meeting
  • SIG-Scheduling face-to-face meeting
  • Other SIG face-to-face meetings as we confirm them

The schedule will be on the Community page once it is complete.

If your SIG wants to have a face-to-face meeting at Kubecon Shanghai, please contact Josh Berkus.

New Contributor Workshop

Students at last year’s New Contributor Workshop (NCW) found it to be extremely valuable, and the event helped to orient a few of the many Asian and Pacific developers looking to participate in the Kubernetes community.

“It’s a one-stop-shop for becoming familiar with the community.” said one participant.

If you have not contributed to Kubernetes before, or have only done one or two things, please consider enrolling in the NCW.

“Got to know the process from signing CLA to PR and made friends with other contributors.” said another.

Documentation Sprints

Both old and new contributors on our Docs Team will spend a day both improving our documentation and translating it into other languages. If you are interested in having better documentation, fully localized into Chinese and other languages, please sign up to help with the Doc Sprints.

Before you attend

Regardless of where you participate, everyone at the Contributor Summit should sign the Kubernetes Contributor License Agreement (CLA) before coming to the conference. You should also bring a laptop suitable for working on documentation or code development.


Kubernetes 社区每周聚会笔记- 2015年4月17日

每个星期,Kubernetes 贡献者社区几乎都会在谷歌 Hangouts 上聚会。我们希望任何对此感兴趣的人都能了解这个论坛的讨论内容。


  • Mesos 集成
  • 高可用性(HA)
  • 向 e2e 添加性能和分析详细信息以跟踪回归
  • 客户端版本化


  • Mesos 集成

    • Mesos 集成提案:

    • 没有阻塞集成的因素。

    • 文档需要更新。

  • HA

    • 提案今天应该会提交。

    • Etcd 集群。

    • apiserver 负载均衡。

    • 控制器管理器和其他主组件的冷备用。

  • 向 e2e 添加性能和分析详细信息以跟踪回归

    • 希望红色为性能回归

    • 需要公共数据库才能发布数据

      • 查看
    • Justin 致力于多平台 e2e 仪表盘

  • 客户端版本化



    • 客户端库当前使用内部 API 对象。

    • 尽管没有人反映频繁修改 types.go 有多痛苦,但我们很为此担心。

    • 结构化类型在客户端中很有用。版本化的结构就可以了。

    • 如果从 json/yaml (kubectl) 开始,则不应转换为结构化类型。使用 swagger。

  • Security context


    • 管理员可以限制谁可以运行特权容器或需要特定的 unix uid

    • kubelet 将能够从 apiserver 获取证书

    • 政策提案将于下周左右出台

  • 讨论用户的上游,等等进入Kubernetes,至少是可选的
  • 1.0 路线图

    • 重点是性能,稳定性,集群升级

    • TJ 一直在对roadmap.md进行一些编辑,但尚未发布PR

  • Kubernetes UI

    • 依赖关系分解为第三方

    • @lavalamp 是评论家